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Issues in Democracy and Fundamentalism
  Undermining Democracy-RSS Agenda (12/05/2015)
  Tackling Terrorism: Varanasi, Jama Masjid Show the Way (04/16/2006)
  Imperialism, On a New High: US, India Alliance and Global Scenario (03/13/2006)
  Making of a Terrorist (11/10/2005)
  Ambedkar and RSS (11/04/2005)
  Majority Report (10/11/2005)
  “Conscience”, Ideologies and Political Compulsions (04/26/2005)
  RSS and Gender Question (04/26/2005)
  Integrating the Nation (04/26/2005)
  Veer Savarkar: Revolutionary or Conciliator (09/24/2004)
  Whither Gender Parity? Women and the Patriarchal Values Today (09/24/2004)
  Elections 2004-Saluting Indian Electorate (09/24/2004)
  Religion, Violence and Power: A view from India (06/15/2004)
  Indian Elections-2004: Implications for democratic polity (06/01/2004)
  Foreign Rule or Deliverance from Communal Fascism (05/30/2004)