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Adieu Advani
By Ram Puniyani

Advani’s statement (Sept 18, 2005) that he will be quitting the president ship by December did not elicit many tears from his die hard followers. Since the time he had decided to adorn the moderate image he has been on the receiving end of the bashing from different in-house colleagues. Needless to say rather than an exit, it is a booting out, courtesy the RSS.

This episode for once and all has sealed the debate that BJP is a party on its own. Many an ideologues and even the RSS spokesmen had been asserting for public consumption that "it is an internal matter of BJP", many others wished BJP should not get influenced by RSS etc. The fact the BJP is nothing but an electoral wing of RSS stands too obvious to be stated. RSS,which has been hiding behind the curtain of "cultural organization" also stands exposed in its political clothes. That it is a clever political outfit, which masquerades its politics in the form of culture and that it operates from behind the screen so that it cannot be hauled up in the legal process for its "politics" also goes without saying.

Being essentially a manipulative organization, operating by deceit, it kept floating and propping up different organization to pursue its goal of Hindu Rashtra, Hindu Nation and disowning their activities when these became uncomfortable. RSS came to float the Bharatiya Jansangh, for which it sent three of its bright jewels, Deendayal Upadhyaya, Atal Bihari Vajpayee and Lal Krishna Advani. Jansangh kept taking up issues of Indianisation of Muslims and ban on cow slaughter till it joined Janata party after the emergency was lifted.

Since the issue of dual membership was raised, the Jansangh component refused to severe its links with RSS and so the Janata party was broken and the Jana Sangh reemerged in its new avatar as BJP with the make believes agenda of Gandhian socialism. It was quick to realize the communalization done by its parent the RSS had come to fruition and so it came to talk about temple for Lord Ram, Hindu Rashtra and severely mauled the concept of secularism. It was Advani’s strategy, which carried the day for BJP and it was catapulted in the political arena through the polarization of section of Hindus through Ram Janmbhumi movement and post Babri demolition communal violence. RSS was having gala time in reaping the benefits of work which had spanned over several decades. Lord Ram finally smiled on the electoral child of RSS and political fortunes of Hindutva politics.

Advani emerged as the ‘saffron eyed’ boy of RSS. Even when in power Advani played the hawk, toeing RSS line, while Vajpayee did the tight rope walking and multi speak, to keep the allies and public opinion in good humor. It started becoming clear even to BJP that just Hindu rashtra and secularism bashing cannot help it remaining in power. With the humiliating defeat at electoral level and desertion by the allies the realization could not have been stronger. The additional factor which made Advani to wake up to the secularism speech of Jinnah was that of age catching up with Vajpayee and so need to fill the gap of a liberal mask of BJP.

With BJP gaining strength from last decade and a half, intermittently one could see the hand of RSS in BJP affairs and one could see the BJP leadership paying obeisance to the Jhandewala estate, office of RSS. Prior to this since BJP was not much powerful, RSS  did not have to dictate terms. Now with the process of alliance and the benefits of power in vision, RSS did the duel strategy. On one hand RSS took advantage of all the possibilities of support under different schemes of central government and on political level, it kept pushing forward the Hindu Nation agenda. With the sudden loss of power for which it was not prepared, the thinking with top leadership was to adopt a liberal face for the sake of allies and public opinion.

Today RSS and Adavani and RSS both are on the horns of dilemma. Advani does not see the possibility of coming back to power without a liberal image. RSS on the other hand has felt deeply betrayed by the Jinnah comment. RSS built itself up on the basis of Hate Muslim, Hate Pakistan and suddenly RSS cadre is being told the virtues of Jinnah their chief bete-noir. In its scheme of things a slow strangulation of society a la Gujarat is the major path to Hindu Rashtra, while being in power Advani feels the power from top has benefits worth taking small risks of putting up friendly masks for Muslims and Pakistan. Most of BJP’s cadres are swayamsevaks, so there is no way any thing else can prevail barring the RSS line. It is foolhardy to hope that BJP will be able to break the umbilical cord with its father, the RSS. So adieu Advani!

With Advani’s departure from the scene a major era of Hindutva politics will be over and in the new scheme of things, Hindutva politics may resort more to communalization of society and if need be to bring about small skirmishes against minorities on this or the other pretext. Starting from that the communal mines which RSS has laid, the onset of violence may not be difficult. After all finding the pretexts is not that big a job. In Mumbai riots murder of Mathadi workers, burning of Bane family was used in the same manner; in Gujarat Godhra train burning provided an ‘excellent’ starting point for launching a pogrom. It is not for nothing that BJP state’s school books eulogize Hitler, who got the Reichstag burnt so that attack against communists, the night of long knives, could be launched. Some researchers do point out the similar role played by 9/11 in the launching of attack on Afghanistan so that the oil zone can be brought under the control of oil hungry (thirsty!) imperialists. With RSS stranglehold rising on the BJP, the things can be worse if at all.