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Struggle for Indian Nation
By Ram Puniyani

K.Sudarshan, (Let Hindu Nation Shine, Tehelka Nov.13 2004) is updating what one of his predecessors, M.S.Golwalkar wrote in Bunch of Thoughts way back. He went on to write that Muslims, Christians and Communists are the threat to Hindu Nation. For the ilk of Sudarshan it is not the Indian Nation which matters but the Hindu Nation i.e. the elite of Hindus, whose interests matter and thatís how he goes on in his diatribe against Marxists (Marxputra for him), Muslims, Urdu, Pakistan, Madrassa and the like.

One recalls that it was Macaulay who introduced the modern education for training of clerks needed for British Empire. Since world is not just black and white but shades of gray, one has to also to remember that this was the Ďfirstí education in India, which was open to dalits and women both. Thatís how the great social reformer Jotiba Phule went to advise the shudras to go for this education as a means of liberation and empowerment. Thatís how he got the education for women initiated by his wife Savitribai Phule. What Macaulay introduced need not be defended but surely that was the first time the downtrodden sections could learn. The changes have been taking place in this system over a period of time though at a bit of a slower pace, the best oneís taking place in Pre Joshi era NCERT phase.

True to his agenda Sudarshan goes on to defend the changes in education brought in by Joshi. These changes like introducing communal view of history and introducing the disciplines like Jyotish and Karmakand masquerading as science, essentially to strengthen faith and blind faith are meant to strengthen the Brahminical values of caste and gender hierarchy, and thatís what the agenda of RSS is.
He goes on to denigrate Urdu as the language, which promoted vivisection of the country, implying that it is a language of Muslims, who in turn were responsible for the partition tragedy. All the components of this assumption are totally false. In Pre partition times the major languages of Muslims were Bengali and Malayalam. Urdu, the language of North India is a truly Indian language, one of the foremost aspects of Indiaís syncretic culture and tradition. The partition tragedy has nothing whatsoever to do with any language. It was the result of British policy of divide and rule, Muslim communal politics (Muslim League) and Hindu communal politics (Hindu Mahasabha, RSS). These organizations believed that religion is the basis of Nation state so they played in the hands of British in spreading communal venom against the Ďotherí religious communities, due to which communal riots began and still continue to occur. These communal streams were totally hostile to the streams of freedom movement, which had participation of all sections, all people of all religions.

To look at Pakistan in isolation will be an ostrich like behavior. Pakistan is a small pawn in the hands of imperialist forces against which Mr. Sudarshan cannot ever speak for the reasons which can be easily deciphered. Communal streams before partition did not oppose the colonial powers and now they are most subservient to the imperialists and bow to them on one or the other pretext.

The figures quoted by him about the Hindu and Muslim population are figment of his imagination. At the time of partition Muslims were 11.4 percent and today they stand around 13.6%. Similarly if one notices the population ratio of dalits and poor has also gone up. It is not the religion which determines the population growth but the economic and social development which is the main determinant. Similarly over a period of last four decades the population of Christians as such is declining, 1971-2.60, 1981-2.44, 1991-2.32 and 2001-2.30. The census data of the 2001, which initially was presented wrongly is being misused, on purpose, to spread communal venom by Mr. Sudarshan.
No one can deny that there are migrations from the poorer countries to the oneís which are comparatively better off economically. The migration from Nepal, Bangla Desh is more an indication of this factor. One has to remember that LTTE is the offshoot of poor handling of such a situation. RSS and its progeny on one hand exaggerate the problem and on the other use it for inciting communal passions. In whole of the world it is the regions which grow together. While taking a human approach to this problem we need to talk to the neighboring countries on joint development schemes which can take care of this in the long run. Similarly the immigration of people to Mumbai and other metros also reflects the lopsided development policies rather then a threat posed by north Indians and others to Maharashtra.

While not carrying a brief for the Marxists and Naxalites in particular, one can point out that in West Bengal they are returning to power as they have partly taken care of the needs of rural poor. Naxalites are a response to absence of land reforms and continuation of the landlordism, and the high handedness of landlords at places. How this can be tackled is a million rupee question. The point is to think as to why thousands support the groups like People War, and not just of the language of guns, which they speak.